Before and After: Transforming Austin Decks Into Outdoor Havens

In the heart of Texas, Austin stands out for its vibrant culture, stunning landscapes, and a love for the outdoors that is unmatched. As Austin homeowners look to bring the beauty of their surroundings closer to home, deck remodels have become a popular way to enhance outdoor living spaces. At Palm Construction, we’ve had the privilege of transforming decks into true outdoor havens. Here, we showcase a few of our favorite projects, complete with before-and-after visuals, and share insights from the homeowners themselves.

Case Study 1: The Hill Country Retreat


The Smith family’s deck was once a forgotten space, overlooked and underused. Situated on the edge of the Texas Hill Country, the potential for breathtaking views was there, but the outdated design and worn materials failed to invite any interest.


After a complete remodel, the Smiths now have an expansive, multi-level deck that embraces the panoramic views of the Hill Country. Featuring durable composite decking, a custom pergola, and built-in seating, the space is now a favorite gathering spot for family and friends.

Homeowner Insight: “We never imagined our deck could be more than just a place to step outside. Now, it’s where we live, breathe, and make memories. Watching the sunset from our new deck has become our favorite family tradition.”

Case Study 2: The Urban Oasis


The Gonzalez family’s backyard in South Austin was cramped and lacked personality. Their small, deteriorating deck offered little in the way of outdoor enjoyment.


Palm Construction transformed this tiny deck into an urban oasis. By extending the deck and incorporating modern materials with sleek lines, we created a stylish, functional space. The addition of a vertical garden and ambient lighting turned this once-dull deck into a cozy, green retreat in the heart of the city.

Homeowner Insight: “It’s like we’ve added a whole new room to our house. Our deck is now a peaceful retreat where we start our mornings with coffee and end our evenings under the stars.”

Case Study 3: The Lakefront Lounge


Located by Lake Austin, the Walters’ deck was large but uninspiring. The traditional wooden deck was weathered and did not make the most of its waterfront location.


The renovated deck is a luxurious lakefront lounge, complete with high-quality teak decking, a glass railing for unobstructed views, and an outdoor kitchen. This space is not just a deck; it’s an extension of the home that invites relaxation and entertainment by the water.

Homeowner Insight: “Our deck remodel has completely changed how we interact with our outdoor space and the lake. It’s a dream come true for entertaining and enjoying quiet mornings by the water.”

Transforming Decks, Transforming Lives

These transformations are just a glimpse into the potential that lies in every outdoor space. At Palm Construction, we believe that a well-designed deck can extend your living space, bring you closer to nature, and provide a sanctuary for relaxation and enjoyment. Our team is passionate about turning your vision into reality, using sustainable materials, innovative designs, and the finest craftsmanship.

Are you ready to transform your deck into an outdoor haven? Contact us to see how we can bring your dream to life.

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